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Online Access and Registration

Current Students have the option of submitting their registration application through a web-interface linked from this page. You can do this for programmes you have already started - you cannot start new programmes through an online application, we need signed and certified documents for new programme registrations. You must have a valid email address to log in (on your college file). If you student account is activated for online access then we have sent you an email with your logon details - please refer to that email for information.


Instructions and illustrations as to how the process works can be found here.

Login Server: Online Access

Please note that clicking on the link above will redirect your browser to a separate server.

Once you have submitted your online aplication you will receive a Pro-Forma Invoice by email. Please make payment and forward proof of payment so that we can process your application.

NOTE: Delivery Options for study materials
Delivery options are explained in the How to Register booklet.
Please ensure that your physical address reflects the correct details for the delivery of your physical study materials.